Sunday, December 7, 2008

When you least expect it.

Tonight Haley and I got into a camera war.

It started innocently enough - trying to take a photo of Haley playing with Milo...but before you knew it, we were chasing each other around the house with camera's in both hands, blinding the other every chance we got with flashes of light. Some of the photos were hilarious - most not even worth keeping.

But every once in awhile you end up with one that may not look like much, but as you study becomes almost art.

I loved this one I got of Haley trying to avoid my flash by using her hair as camouflage. A few minutes playing with it in Photoshop and voila, artsy-fartsy photo collage. I know, I know....I amuse myself sometimes.


JaneH said...

No doubt you are the artsy one of the family. Loved the collage.
Wish I could do that with some of my pictures.