Friday, December 12, 2008

**** Warning - Disclaimer ****

To all those dentist, oral surgeons, periodontists, etc. I must first apologize for my rant and rave. Turn away now if you are easily offended or take things personally.


I can't say I hate all dentist, because the guy I am going to now is obviously a very kind man....albeit, a nice man who likes to inflict human torture.

I just got finished with my fifth (count 'em...five) root canal. What the heck is that about? And although I am thrilled to say I no longer winch in shear pain when drinking anything but room temperature water, I'm still not at the point yet that I would say "it was worth it."

To top it all off, before I can have the crown put on the dang tooth, I get to see a periodontal surgeon who is going to strap me in for some further torturous activities.

I get to have "crown lengthening surgery" which quite frankly is nothing like the name suggests. They raise my gum line by cutting away excess, then open up the gums and shave back part of the bone. They then proceed to stitch me back together. I get the joy of having a large piece of plastic shoved over the entire area for the next 2-3 weeks so that it can heal enough to go back and finish the crowning process.

Is it a wonder I hate them so?