Thursday, February 26, 2009

In the presence of greatness

What do you get when you put two amazing, creative minds together in one well-stocked studio?

You get innovative pieces of beautiful
artwork, ideas bouncing off of the walls, giggles, yawns, stories and a lot of mess.
I just wanted to stay and soak it all up.
I don't have any innovative ideas, I don't have the expertise in the product and I haven't had the time to sit and play for hours. So, I just go to soak it all up. Feel the creative juices flowing, learn and be inspired.
Linda said "No head shots" - so I didn't get any photos of her tonight...but I snapped a few of Jen. She's just lucky the butt photos stayed out of this blog entry.
I get to play play play with them on Sunday. I am so excited to have a day to enjoy, create, learn and soak it up.
Thanks Linda and Jen - I'm am in awe when in your presence.