Monday, December 8, 2008


Ok, this was one of the most fun projects ever...but also one of the strangest ones I've ever done. Love the way it turned out, but gotta say...while I was doing it, I had no clue whether I was going to end up throwing it in the trash.
You start with a photo of yourself, divide it into 4 quadrants and photo copy each quadrant. Then you take the color copy and start applying cheap acrylic paints over it. Mind you, I never claimed to be much of a painter, but this was fun fun fun. You just add paint color where ever you want. The color copy kind of bleeds through. After that, you take it and attach it to a canvas, putting the puzzle back together...blending the pieces where needed.
Then the fun can add just about anything you want at that point. And although I did this project a while back, every time I look at it I think I should add more stuff. It just seems to be calling out for more bling. What do you think?


JaneH said...

Hey! I like the way it turned out.....But....I start with a photo of myself....and cut it into 4 quadrants. After that I am lost.
You are so artsy. Love your Blog.

christine said...

i love that! what a cool idea. maybe just a tad more bling, but not much, i think it looks great!