Monday, March 23, 2009

Two weeks in...and loving it

I haven't posted about the new job because I keep meaning to go take some photos of the office / firehouse and post them. Well, so far that hasn't happened. Maybe I could just add ....
But that wouldn't be right now would it?
Here's a synopsis of my new job.... I am working for the Boulder County Sherrif's office. The small town of Superior sub contracts with the Boulder County Sherrif's office to provide a police force for their small community. I work with that force. I am the administrative person for the small sub-station.
Now, some might ask what does that have to do with fireman? Well, our small sub-station has a small three-room office in the firehouse. So, not only do I get to work with all the deputies, but I get to see and work around all the firemen as well. Now, what girl would not like that job? That's right your heart out!

More on the job later....