Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two of four....not bad, but not good enough.

Update on my 2009 goals....

Shooting more photos - my camera hasn't come out of its bag since the calendar turned 2009. (Hanging head in shame).

Eating healthier - ok this is relative. I'm am eating better, but still not as well as I should be.

Getting a new job - interview went really well. I think I would (will) do great in this environment and I believe they were impressed with me. Hoping to hear more on it sometime next week. Keep the prayers going please.

Fostering my creative side - I've been making more necklaces and today I got to spend the day with Torrey and Jen and the other basement babe playing. Felt good....goooood I tell ya.

Two of four - tells me I still need to work on these goals a bit. But then again, it's only the 15th, right?