Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New lens - Zoo pics

For my birthday, my wonderful family gave me the means to get the lens I have been coveting. It's the 70-300 mm! is good.

So on this beautiful June Saturday, new lens in hand, we headed for the zoo.

Although there is a learning curve involved, I was pretty darn happy with the results of my first day of shooting with this new lens.

What do you think?


JaneH said...

Great Pics. We need to get the family together for some photos.
That would be a great test.

Emily said...

Wow! Those are amazing pictures!

jen said...

lucky you!!! have fun! you need to post pictures like this in the biggest format!

Linda Peterson Designs said...

Im blown away! Those pictures are a real work of art! Okay...Im jealous...

and...everytime I come to your blog, I forget that you have music and it literally scares the pee-wad out of me every time!!!!! Im gonna have to wear diapers next time...ha ha ha ha ha hah