Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two of four....not bad, but not good enough.

Update on my 2009 goals....

Shooting more photos - my camera hasn't come out of its bag since the calendar turned 2009. (Hanging head in shame).

Eating healthier - ok this is relative. I'm am eating better, but still not as well as I should be.

Getting a new job - interview went really well. I think I would (will) do great in this environment and I believe they were impressed with me. Hoping to hear more on it sometime next week. Keep the prayers going please.

Fostering my creative side - I've been making more necklaces and today I got to spend the day with Torrey and Jen and the other basement babe playing. Felt good....goooood I tell ya.

Two of four - tells me I still need to work on these goals a bit. But then again, it's only the 15th, right?


JaneH said...

Hang in there. I think you are doing great. What a busy lady you are, hard to keep up with all your accomplishments. Life needs to be fun. Love Ya

OnGod'sErrand said...

Thanks for the update. Let us know about the job...we're really pulling (and praying) for you.