Sunday, January 18, 2009


5 addictions...... Got this from Jen. Didn't say, but hers were all crafting related. So, I'll just keep it that way.

1. Paper, paper and more paper. I'm amazed at how many different papers there are out there. I can own enough to last me forever, but still want more. I see things I've never seen before, color combinations and patterns that just make me drool. Gotta have it.

2. Color. I love adding color. Doesn't matter if that's with paper, with pens, with ink, with ribbons and fibers. I like having bright, bold colors. I like grayed down colors, I even like pastels sometimes. I just love color.

3. Chocolate. I know more of you probably don't consider this a crafting supply, but honestly...come on. Do you create better when your soul is fed? Chocolate feeds the soul...duh, it's not only an addiction, it's a necessity.

4. Inspiration. I love finding inspiration in books, websites, magazines, friends blogs, anything that has texture, color, design, etc. I like to think that I can turn anything into "mine" by just giving the inspiration my own touch. I find inspiration in a lot of everyday things. And I know I surround myself with people who inspire me both creatively and spiritually.

5. Writing. I've been addicted to writing all my life. I have journals dating back to when I was 8 years old. Now it's blogs, emails, chats, messages, etc. But I still find time to write with pen and ink as well. I was so lucky to make writing my career for a while. Now, I find joy in it as a passion and outlet. The written word has so much to offer. the fun part. Tagging others. So, here's who I want to hear from.

Mom - You've provided inspiration to me all my life...Thanks

Christine - What are your addictions?

Jen P - I can't wait to hear what your addicted to over there in Russia?

Shanda - Blue men?

Cortney - And Scott is not an addiction.

Cheryl - What has changed in the past 18 months of being in Poland? Any new addictions?

Andrea - Obviously, music....anything else?

Anyone else....just join in.


JaneH said...

Taged-- Oh My

I will do it, but you'll have to give me some time to think about it.

OnGod'sErrand said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm! That will be letting out my inner secrets.

jen said...

my answer's going to be right here in your comments, if that's okay!
1) boxes. i cannot have enough of them.
2) sugar. i admit it. i'm addicted.
3) antiqued things. i love antiques but i usually don't even care if it's something new made to look antique. i dig it.
4) pilates. my classes are the highlight of my week.
5) the internet. i never sit and surf aimlessly (what mother has the time?), but aren't we all addicted? something you go back to several times every day and can't live without? i think i qualify.