Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Countdown 'till Christmas

The Christmas Eve celebrations have wound down. We've spent a glorious evening with both Tom's family and mine. Presents have been exchanged, food has been enjoyed and relationships have been re-established. Life is soooo good.

All that's left is to wait until a certain munchkin is asleep (and not just faking it) so that I can "take care of some business" and get to sleep myself. I've turned on some of my favorite Christmas music. The kind that makes me want to listen to the same songs over and over.

It's peaceful here right now....the only lights on are from the Christmas tree and the computer screen. I look forward to the morning and all the excitement it will bring...but for now, peace has settled in my soul. Contentment is brought on by being with my loved ones, sharing such wonderful family time.

Some times I am amazed at how truly blessed I am. Now is one of those times!


JaneH said...

Bless You Darling. We both love you so much.