Friday, December 26, 2008

Before I retire to my craft room for a morning of play, I am visiting some blogs, connecting with friends and relishing the quiet that surrounds me.
I'm struck with emotions for some reason this morning.
I'm touched by the beauty that Cheryl and Dean found in spending Christmas away from family.
I'm in total awe of Jen's dedication to teaching and sharing her joys, not to mention the way she inspires my creative side and my soul.
I'm smiling remembering the warmth that surrounded us with family this last few days. But also missing those who couldn't be here.
I'm longing for the company of my best friend, who seems so far away...who should have been with us this year. But who will bring me much comfort and joy soon.
I'm thinking of how much pleasure it gave me to see my favorite piece of jewelry hanging around my mother's neck.
I'm thanking God today for blessing me so richly.
Yes yes.... I'm a blubbering, emotional, sappy woman.
But then again, you all know that about me.


Jen Lowe said...

Yes, we know that about you and it's exactly why we love you!! Sap and everything else!!!

OnGod'sErrand said...

Jodi, you express so well the feelings that we all have. We truly are blessed! It's great to pause in the bustle of life and remember that. It brings us contentment.

JaneH said...

And along with being a "blubbering, emotional, sappy woman" your are also a kind, thoughful, wonderful woman. Why do we love you so?