Thursday, August 13, 2009

In awe and amazement

Although they said it wasn't the "perfect night for viewing" due to the fact that the moon was so bright, I decided that wasn't going to stop me...I wanted to view the Perseid Meteor Shower and share the wonder of it with Haley.

I had grandiose plans to get up at 3:00 am, take Haley and our lawn chairs/sleeping bags and head out of town to find the best place we could to watch God's show.

At 1:00 am, I was still awake, not having even been to bed yet. So, I trotted up to Haley's room, gently woke her only to receive an "I'm staying in bed" response. Well, so much for that idea!

I couldn't see driving outside the city lights for "just me".... So, I grabbed my reclining lawn chair, a pair of sweats, a jacket and headed outside.

I positioned myself so that a tree was blocking the light of the moon, (teach them for telling me it wouldn't work) laid back and started searching the heavens.

It wasn't long before my efforts were greatly rewarded! Streak after streak of bright, but fading light shooting across the night sky.

Ahhhhh....I snuggled into my warm coat, absorbed in the moment, the solitude, the quiet and the amazing show before me. I even closed my eyes at one point, relaxing to the point of almost sleep....

Who knows how long I laid there, enjoying a peaceful rest..... but in an instant, the moment was gone! Out of no where, our darn cat jumped onto my chest - sending an immediate adrenaline rush coursing through my body, making me leap up from my comfortable pose, and quite possibly sending Kaboo into orbit, where she could enjoy the show up close and personal. My father has been right all along....cats are way way too sneaky!

So much for my quiet, relaxing moment. Sleep was not coming anytime soon!


Jen Lowe said...

Reading this just made me laugh outloud! You are so funny!!! About 15 years ago, I was up in Vail when this happened. Elaine, Jason (son) and I laid on her front lawn and stayed awake almost all night long watching the light show. We gave up trying to make a wish for each shooting star! LOL! I think Jason was about Haley's age then and he still talks about it to this day!