Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009... Really?

It's hard to believe 2009 is here already. I always thought it cliche' but it's true, the older I get the faster the years fly by.

While I can't quite believe the holidays are almost over and the new year is beginning, it does cause me to reflect on the expectations I have for 2009. I'm not one for new years resolutions. For me, it's always been "in one year and out the other" (hehehe). But, I do have some goals.
First of all, I want to shoot more photos this year. I've been laxed in my photography. Part of it may be because I'm not scrapping much, but I want to get back to taking my camera out more often and shooting regularly. I need to get out with my photowalk group. Heather is really inspiring me to learn and grow as a photographer.
I will also get back to eating healthy again. We took a couple of months break, and I can say I was good enough to not gain any of my weight loss back...but it's time to get serious again. I have a mini-goal set for July (when Cheryl gets home).
Next goal...change of jobs. (Anyone from work reading this, you didn't see that). It's time to find something I can enjoy, or at least tolerate and not hate. I'm not sure what's out there for me, but I need to explore some options.

Last one for now. Keep the creative side of me flowing. I have found out that I need to nurture that side of me to feel balance. So, I will make more time for it, whether it's paper or altered, or clay, or whatever... just "play time" as Jen so wonderfully calls it. I need to play more!


Jen Lowe said...

Hey Jodi.....come play ANY TIME!!!!!

How about tomorrow? LOL!!!